Artistic Translation

Artistic (or literary) translation is one of the most complex types of translation. This covers the translation of artistic texts, popular scientific texts, articles, advertisements, PR copy and so on. Literary translation presents the translator with a more complex task than the dry transformation of a text in one language into a text in another language. Here the mood and emotional pitch must be conveyed, with the emphasis falling as the original author intended. In literary translation it especially important that the translator has professional experience writing and translating artistic texts. Producing a good quality literary translation requires more than simple enthusiasm: even once the spirit of the original has been grasped and a text produced and refined, the translator being sure they are of one mind with the author, creation of a successful translation is not guaranteed. 

Working with an artistic text requires great concentration and painstaking work not only from the translator, but also from the editor of the translation. Very often significant amounts of preparatory work are required: researching the author and finding ways to emulate the turns of phrase used by him or her to evoke in the reader the same effect as originally intended. 

 The most important thing for us is the artistic value of your text and its exact reproduction in another language. First and foremost we set ourselves the task of creating a quality translation, suitable for the aims for which it is intended. Therefore we work only with professional translators who have wide experience of working with literary texts and who are interested in producing the best work.

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