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Our guiding principle is to make your life simpler. Why go somewhere to hand in a document and pay, and then return later to collect the completed translation, when modern technology means that you can do all this without leaving your office?

Ordering a written translation is very easy:

1. Send us an enquiry via our site or directly by email. Don’t forget to attach the file, or part of it at least, so that we can take a look at it!

2. Within 3 hours you will receive an answer detailing the timeframe and cost of carrying out your order.

3. Paying for your order can be done by the method most convenient for you (via the bank, an electronic payments system or by credit or debit card).

4. You will get your completed translation by the promised time.

If you have any questions you can contact us by email, phone or Skype.

If we need the originals in order to complete your job, or you need a stamped translation (for example, this is usually required for a certified translation) or a stamped copy of our trading terms then we will discuss how this can be arranged for you. We use courier services for the most efficient document delivery.

Remember: a certified translation is no guarantee of its quality. Once you have received the electronic copy of your translation you can quickly and easily read it and, if necessary, let us have your comments. We take all of the comments our customers send us very seriously. A good reputation is the guarantee of our future growth and development as a company.

If required we will perform a test translation of not more than 1800 symbols (including spaces) free of charge.

Please note that regular contracted clients pay for their translations upon receipt of the finished work.

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